Tuesday, April 15, 2014

  Back in the Groove
Once a Zumba Instructor Always a Zumba Instructor
Day 343
April 15, 2014
Team Zybko

We all left a lot behind in the recent move. Well, some may not consider it recent, it has in fact been 9 months already. If this murky transition period time was a pregnancy I'd have made a baby by now. I'd be nursing a new born while wearing a shirt decorated with patches of dried spit-up. Ah, good times. That wouldn't slow me down though as I  would simply type with my one free hand as the words flowed slowly off my sleepy fingers. BUT I have no such news of perfect smelling bundles of joy, kitchens closed people, double knotted per Baby daddy's request and an extra charge from my OB/GYN. 

I haven't given birth per say, yet I have begun a new life. Finally and thankfully the heavy lead blanketed weight of this season has been lifted off my back. A series of squiggly trails, un-lit paths, slippery slopes and really long loaded emotional days have come to pass. The old, or should I say, the new and improved older Victoria has arrived.

I feel relief.
 I feel light on my feet.
 I feel genuine smiles taking control of my aging mouth. 
I feel my feet and body reacting to the insane beat of Pitbull.
 I feel the smart choreography burn my out of dance shape legs.
I feel happy as the loud Zumba music spills out and completely fills up the YMCA gym. 
I feel like baby got her grove back.
 I feel good.

 If I had a Madonna type microphone with a small foamy mouth piece strapped to my head, this is when I'd holla....Whoop whoop! I love y'all SO much! 
Once a Zumba instructor always a Zumba instructor.

Without a doubt I feel the Lord pushed me in the direction of this girl, a really good dancing girl with the same pretty face and equally long legs and funky moves as one my friends, a friend that's as close as a sister. Same, yet of course, a totally different person indeed. I look to the heavens with a sideways funny grin, the irony of it all seems a teeny bit like a funny joke on Gods part, yet the practicality, ease and familiarity of this new friends heart makes me love Him even more. Maybe I simply wasn't reading the signs along the way. Missing the forest for the trees. Perhaps He couldn't watch me sleep one more stinking, slobbery minute, He wanted to wake me up, no more hitting the snooze button. So, Victoria...here is your sign. How about the identical twin sister of your BFF? That clear enough for you? Yes Sir, I get it now, thank you :)

I won't share too much here about her, as that wouldn't be fair. I am just getting to know her and she may not care for that. Times are tough, I can't afford to loose any friends, HA! Although I won't shy away from giving her a well deserved thank you and shout out, cause that's how I roll. 

Thank you Julie. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your tender heart. Thank you for obeying the Holy Spirit and reaching out to me on that day after class. Thank you for pulling me out of the back row and encouraging me in ways not shared in this post. 
Thank you for caring. Your name will forever be carved, a special little spot on the finish line of my race in giving up and moving on from the past season. Ironically enough, you name is also on the starting line. Or maybe it's the same line, it's hard to tell from where I stand. I'm just happy to have this new view.

To ALL the Charlotte instructors and surrounding area.
A pre-apology is in order. Like I said, you never stop being an aerobics teacher. You never stop thinking while taking someone else's class, impossible to turn it off. Even camouflaged among the masses of other glistening peeps you always think about being in the front leading the work out. You inadvertently think about the cuing, the play list, the shy girl in the back row to the J-lo look alike in the front row. You even consider walking over to the stereo to either turn up or turn down the volume of the motivating Latin songs. Clapping to signify the changing of feet during the salsa is uncontrollable. Sorry. So, if you happen to see a heavy bottomed soccer mom with a sparkly hat pulled over her growing out hair who is smiling back at you with the cheesiest of grins and perhaps innocently smacking strangers on the rear and pulling happy moving and grooving peeps to the front row for display......I'm sorry, It's just me. HI-EEY!  I don't mean to bug or irritate you with my PE teacher ear piercing whistle. I am more than likely just really enjoying your class. Again, sorry....hi, my name is Victoria. 

Julie, I can't wait til Friday morning at 10:10am, I LOVE you class. One more thing, when you see your sis, tell her HI for me, I miss that stinker, a lot.        

Monday, April 14, 2014

10th Annual Julian Brown Soccer Tournament
Charlotte, NC
Day 343
April 14, 2014
Team Zybko

Well, let's see, what to say about this weekends tournament? Hhhmmm...I will say we have had better tournaments and the girls have more than likey played better, smarter soccer on previous sunny weekends. Can't win em all. Despite the fact our Team Manager is caught here on film paying off the refs our team left the fields without a single "W". Totally kidding, she isn't the type to do such a thing, she is more of a bring homemade brownies on cutsie plates and cartwheel during halftime kinda soccer mom. This CUFC group is made up of a great bunch of girls, their good nature, goofiness and friendships have all equaled a good time for the players and parents alike.