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Make Good Decisions to Find YOUR HAPPY!

10 BEST Decisions of 2017
Day 233~Year 3
Team Zybko
January 17, 2018

2017! Done and gone, check it off the list! 
I spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through the 12 months of my phones camera roll picking out just the right pictures to represent the year as a whole. After copying and pasting over 300 pictures and preparing them for import ( yes, I'm sure there is an easier way) I came to my senses. Realizing, even me, years from now could not and would not hold interest in that long of a year in review post. Two hours of my life I'll never get back.

It was a good year. 
A fast year.
A fun year. 
A year packed with new challenges, smelly shin guards, busy days, cloudy skies, beautiful sunrises, smiles and sometimes missed opportunities. While some January resolutions and goals crashed and burned before the end of the month, others took off, sticking to the ribs to create lots of positive. 
Conscious, consistent, decisions. 
Yep, I'm going to hang my hat on those changes and not the inability to keep a clean car, say no to a slice of birthday cake or ever be considered for yard of the month.

Decision #1
 Date Your Mate

Consistently. Don't wait until you get to the point of needing a break. Like the whole eat sensible before you get crazy hungry thing. Baby Daddy and I went on more dates in 2017 then in our entire marriage combined. Together we made a decision to schedule the special for just the two of us, to not feel guilty (me) and stick to our plans. Delaney made some $ being in charge at home and we were able to re-charge, leaving the parent life world for just a few hours at a time. Make this happen, however you can, be creative, it is totally worth the effort. 

Decision #2
Started Teaching Aerobics Again

After a 3 year break I stepped back into the world of teaching aerobics. I had missed it for sure. It's a good gig that brings so much to the table. The amazing people are at the top of the list. Although it doesn't pay the mortgage or my Nike fetish it does fill up my cup of happy big time. Smiles and sweat through a good workout have an indescribable value of its own and a natural high that should be bottled up and sold.  

Decision #3
Old and New Friends
Stay in Touch and Put Yourself Out There
When you have moved around few times, gotten attached and moved again this can be tricky. It shouldn't be but getting the moons to align to spend quality time with dear friends in different states takes planning. Making new dear friends in new cities requires letting your guard down a bit an inviting them into your inner circle. I can think of a million excuses I have used in the past.
My house isn't clean enough.
I don't have a nice enough meal prepared.
I'd rather be a hermit tonight in my jam jamz.
Forget about it. Invite neighbors over. Eat leftovers or do a potluck. Don't worry about the dusty baseboards or out of date counter tops. Life is about experiences, friends, good times and the valentine chocolate strategically hidden in the outside freezer.   

Decision #4
A Verse a Week and Special Time with the Lord

I am no stranger to sharpies, index cards and handpicked verses but somewhere along the way my mind had gotten scattered. I needed to reign it in and get back on track. Not a verse a day but just a verse a week, consistently writing it down and displaying faithfully at every start of a brand new week. I wrote it on my left hand, taped it to the kitchen wall, sent a picture text to certain people, displayed it on my minivan dash, slipped one in my Bible and proudly scribbled it on the bathroom wipey prayer board.
Kitchen, hand, phone, car, bathroom, Bible. 

Decision #6
Slow Down and Enjoy
Why do we rush so much? Stop, just stop.
With wrinkles comes wisdom. Age is cool that way.
Our three littles are scooting right through childhood and our older three are already on the other side looking back. 
Stop and smell the buttered biscuits.

Decision #7
Painting the Kitchen
I am simply gonna let the before and after pictures speak for me.
There is a camp of people that say never, ever, ever paint over perfectly good wood cabinets. And then there are other people who can literally feel the sunshine being sucked from their soul to live in a home space of dark wood. 

Decision #8
Act Like a Kid Every Once in a While
Even in Public

This is not really a new decision for me but thought it was noteworthy. Kids generally have more fun. Period. The End.

Decision #9

I don't work for Chatbooks but perhaps I should.
The best thing ever for picture hoarder people like me.

Get the free app. Click the little heart on any picture from your phone you would like included in a book. Let them sync. Receive your $10 book with 60 images in the mail within a couple of weeks. You can get fancier and add text and also choose to pay for shipping but honestly, I'm not in a rush, after all they have been chilling out on my camera roll for who knows how long anyway! 

Decision # 10
Sunday Selfies

I didn't post all of them cause that would be a snooze fest.
Many Sundays I would hit slight opposition quickly after requesting this weekly tradition. Those eye rollers and huffers will one day thank me. I eventually stopped attempting to capture the perfect moment and went with the first 'take'. You eye blinkers, goofy face makers and hair fixers know who you are! 

Make good decisions to find your happy.
Have a successful life!

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Snaps of Real Life
Keepin' it Simple
Day 232~Year 3
January 13, 2018
Team Zybko