Friday, October 31, 2014

A Sucker for Fall Festivals

Small Town Fall Festivals
Day 70-Year 3
Team Zybko
October 31, 2014

I'm such a sucker for Fall festivals. I just can't pass them up. Something about the bright blue skies, wagon rides and vibrantly colored trees swaying in the breeze that gets me in the mood. All working together in perfect harmony. Who can resist the intoxicating smell of hay, kettle corn and fresh horse poop. 
Not me, I just love it! 

Autumn is a magical outdoor time of the year. Crisp Saturday afternoons are heated to a dreamy San Diego type temperature from the sun. Somehow, warming the back of your legs, kissing the bridge of your nose and stirring up your heart for nature simultaneously. Favorite jeans and cozy sweatshirts have been faithful, waiting it out patiently for your loving attention through the long summer months. Never have they felt so good.

We go to at least one a year, sometimes more if schedules permit.    It's a place where you actually don't mind standing in line for goofy ballon animals and face paint soon to be smudged by aggressively melting sunscreen of SPF50. 
Oh sure honey, your face art still looks like a fairy, really.

 Entertaining is the confusion inside a corn maze, tractor rides turned bumper cars and the forehead head sweat created from jumping hay bails races is priceless. Do yourself a favor, have a camera ready with a full battery and an empty chip on hand.    
 These days seem heaven sent, saved by God exclusively for the beautiful month of October. Hand picked by the creator of the universe like an award winning pumpkin. A first place blue ribbon hangs proudly around the neck of these four weeks of the year. 

From the first cool day officially marking a season change all the way to the holiday promoting door to door soliciting of name brand candies. October, the best month ever! That is, until the pretty blooms of April pop and the promise of summer is right around the corner.     

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Lil David's BIG Day

Lil David's BIG Day
Day 69- Year 3
Team Zybko
October 30, 2014

What a beautiful October weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Lovely weather for great family time and a special graduation of our favorite diesel mechanic. Way to go David! Finishing your goal and receiving your diploma from Lincoln Tech or NADC as the locals say, was no easy feat. Your fan club peeps were all happy to be there with you to celebrate this milestone. 

The inspiring ceremony was nice but better than that was the way everyone scrambled, pushed and clawed to get a picture with you afterwards. The rock star graduate. Ha! You also looked pretty boss sitting at the head of the long table during our tasty dinner. 
Way to go Bud!
You should be super proud of yourself, I know we are :)