Thursday, October 1, 2015

My 'Baby' Turns 8
Celebrating Delilah
Day 156 ~ Year 3
Team Zybko
October 1, 2015

I am having a bit of trouble getting motivated on this super gloomy, rainy, sleepy morning. There has been very little sunshine around these parts for over a week now and I feel like the bogged down, soggy soccer field a few miles down the road.

 Like every mom on the planet I have a laundry list of to-dos including of course, the laundry but I need a minute or few. 
My baby turns 8 years old today.

I know, I know people....
Where does the time go? 

After some intense pajama and cold coffee sipping research I am finally getting somewhere with that million dollar question and the good news is, I found it! 
I found where the time really does go, it is all up and down my camera roll. Tick, tick, tick with each swipe up of my finger.

Maybe it's a bad idea on this kinda milestone, sad-ish day, maybe its cathartic but either way I sit with my laptop about to burn my bare knees as I think about my sweet La-La and upload pictures. My favorite Casting Crowns play list is the icing on the cake as I choke back a huge corner piece of tears.

All the kids love to hear stories about the day they were born. To the best of my memory I leave NO details out, no matter how small they may seem. And it seems there is a common theme to always ordering the largest piece of carrot cake off the you choose hospital menu. Did you know dessert is also available during the breakfast meal? No extra charge, not that I remember anyway.

Last night as I tucked Delilah in for the last time as a seven year old I explain to her how I felt the first time I held her. I recall my exact words as Baby Daddy handed me our precious new baby bundle wrapped tightly by an veteran nurse.

Through a big fat cheesy smile I utter in an unfamiliar voice, very uncharacteristically calm, slow and quiet I whisper.

Oh, honey....she is just perfect. 

I know, I know every momma thinks their wrinkly, smashed up faced newborn is just perfect, it's how God wired us. 
Sifting through first day pictures I'd say, good plan on His part.

As I looked at her I found myself star struck and amazed at her fresh face and how much I didn't know. I didn't know much else other than my heart was bursting with love as I held the newest member of our family. 
I sat upright in that mechanical bed and examined every inch of her tiny body that just a short time ago I carried with no hands, time seemed to freeze. The way it does during times of pure bliss. I didn't know anything past those moments. 

I didn't know the future of who she would become through the years, her unique personality carved and molded from the day to day lessons, experiences and memories made. I only had 20/20 vision for those minutes, no where else in time. 
I simply didn't know.

I didn't know under that baby fat padding was her mother's very own pointy weapon of a chin.

I didn't know by the time she turned 8 she will have applied more bright red lipstick by choice than I have in my entire life.

I didn't know how good a friend she would be to her peers.

I didn't know her nickname given by one of our favorite caregivers would stick and become more common to hear than her birth name. 

I didn't know she would become the greatest little sister cheer leader of all time, going to roughly 198,276 soccer fields to date with a smile on her face.

I didn't know her than blue-ish eyes would sell out and turn a beautiful Baby Daddy shade at 14 months.

I didn't know she would be the best sleep boa constrictor snuggler ever. 

I didn't know she would find it impossible to walk past a wild flower and not pick it and give it to me.

I didn't know she would steal my stilettos and want to wear them to home school library time. 

I didn't know she would become an A plus side kick baker. 

I didn't know how much joy she would get from leaving mommy love notes in random places I'd be sure to find.

I didn't know she would herself be a baby lover.

I didn't know how many walls she would walk into or little bits of nothing-ness would trip her off her feet. 

I didn't know she inherited the Condit sweat problem. 

I didn't know she would be a natural at piano.

I didn't know she  would love to read.

I didn't know about the 3 freckles that would form on the bridge of her nose that I can't help but kiss everyday.

I didn't know her sometimes sassy looks and comments would having me holding back an inside giggle as I try hard to look stern for discipline sake.

I didn't know my heart could hold more love and grow bigger for her in the days to come. 

Delilah you are loved.
Delilah you are celebrated.
Delilah there is no one else just like you.
Delilah you cherished.
Happiest of Birthdays
Love, Team Z

Flash from the past.
 Birthday 2 years ago below.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy 22nd Birthday Davers!
Day  156 ~ Year  3
Team Zybko
September 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Lil David, you are one cool dude! 

22 years worth of Lil David equals a lot of fun moments coupled with a slow shake of the head and thought bubbles that read; 
How on earth does he do that?
Ya see, David makes everything look easy.

He makes everything a little more fun.

David is a natural with animals, more so than any of the others.

He can grow a boss man beard in less than 24 hours flat.

He always makes everyone laugh even when they weren't in the mood.

His personal style you won't find in any magazine yet it somehow totally works. 

He is a whiz with all things pertaining to speed and parts.

David has a way of cranking the energy up in a room and changing the attitude of a family picture for the better. (most of the time) 

I have never done a birthday blog on this kid out of fear it may embarrass him but since you are a grown up you can probably handle it! 

I kept it simple and not too over the top, mushy or dramatic. 
Keepin it real with straight up bullet points. 

La La helped me find some good ones of you while sifting through the last couple years of adventures. She tells me;

Mom, I don't think you need to write much, these pics show what David does.

I believe she is right. 
We love you David and hope your special day was awesome.
We hare happier than words or pictures can express about you being born!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Memories of the Simple Days
Living this Life!
Day 154 ~ Year 3
Team Zybko
September 24, 2015