Friday, June 10, 2016

I LOVE you Baby Daddy!

Happy Anniversary Honey
Day 184 ~ Year 3
Team Zybko

With a sad face he tells me he has no gift for our anniversary.
Not even a card Babe.
No worries honey, I don't have anything either.

To some this may be lame, that's ok.
For us, we are are simply smitten to be with each other after another season in our marriage of living apart.

We are better together. 
As a team we work really well. 
Better than flying solo. Period. 
I have missed him terribly. 
I know he feels the same way.

Many blogs have already been written here proclaiming my love to Baby Daddy so it's probably redundant to re-write anything else.

Like how he holds my heart in his with one just one look into his big brown eyes.
How he always seems to have the right words, gestures and motivational responses to help be a better person.

How he knows my thoughts and turns into a Dairy Queen at just the moment without me uttering a single word.

How he creates a seamless relationship with his continuous, selfless acts of love.

How his face is the face I see on the forefront of my mind while we are separated from each other.

How he gets me.

How he never utters the words I told you so.

How he hides a few pounds of coffee around the house so when I forget to get more there will be back up.  

How, through his own example he inspires me to overcome really hard issues in life and not complain about them.

How he knows I am little bit particular about a lot of things but loves me anyway.

Oh jeez, I wasn't going to do that......
Happy Anniversary Honey!
The best gift we can give each other this year is sleeping in the same city.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yankee Swamp People

Day 182 ~ Year 3
Team Zybko
May 27, 2016
Alligator Farm Adventures

We went to see some gators on our first full day in Louisiana. It seemed like an appropriate outing for a beautiful, sunny Sunday in the bayou. You know what they say, when in something super touristy! 

It was hot, a tad smelly and a lot of fun.
The kids were brave so I followed suit.

Most of the gators were not in the mood to put on any death roll, feeding frenzy entertainment for the tourists walking and waiting about outside the old chain link fence. It felt like a bit of a let down but I was still OK with the slow goings of the afternoon. To be honest, everything the young guides did to provoke such a show all seemed like a bad idea. 

Standing within a few short feet of the murky waters edge while holding raw chicken in one hand and poking the snout of these animals with a metal rod. What do I know anyway, I am just a Yankee from the paved streets of a suburb in South Carolina.
A young boy on the tour gets bored and proceeds to unofficially lead the group to the next swampy area. 

He scurries back to tell his Uncle in a hurried announcement. 

One got out, one got out!

The Uncle, with eyes fixed straight ahead, half listening but intently watching to see the smelly meat get devoured, very nonchalantly replies;

I'm sure it's fake.

Uh, hey Uncle Buck, look up dude, it's not fake.

I thought for sure at that point my fate was to end up on a YouTube video titled;

Soccer mom of six gets eaten by escaped alligator.

Obviously that didn't happen.
Although, I did happen to wrestle an alligator on my first day in Louisiana. 

And by wrestle I mean, hold the tail of a pretty young gator in which I outweighed by roughly 80 pounds with its mouth taped shut as I sat on it's back and posed for a picture. 

Yep, a tourist kinda wrestle.

And that my friend is how you get your moneys worth at an alligator farm.