Friday, November 21, 2014

Wilson Tournament

We Win-We Qualify!
Day 80-Year 3
Team Zybko
November 21, 2014 

They did it! They did it! They did it!
 After many long training months, hours and hours of diligently preparing through a successful regular season and tons of hard work.....they did it! As a well coached team these young ladies shuffled out onto the field each game this play off weekend with a winning attitude. Giving 110 percent during each 35 minute half. Despite the frigid temperatures, away turf and tough competitors, 01 CUFC Gold Girls have done it. 
They have qualified for Region 3! 

What does that mean in the soccer world of the Carolinas? Well, I'm not exactly sure but in simple soccer mom talk it means, I will charge up the camera battery, clear the calendar for more away weekends, clean the van pack the van and bug our Team Manager relentlessly with personal texts about where I need to be and when. 
Thanks in advance Drill Sergeant! Muah :)

I couldn't help but upload these pictures in a whacked-up 
jacked-up non-chronological story of events. The celebratory images were my favorite so I started there, nothing like the smiles on a happy teenage athlete and their biggest fans, us. If the order bothers you, and I have my guesses, don't worry, no judgment here, simple scroll on down to the bottom and work you way up...duh)

Note the awesome crew above! Parents, friends, siblings and grandparents also get a shout out and pat on the back for a job well done! GO UNITED!